Monday, March 1, 2010

Stones and Buttons

Now that the Olympics is over I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. I've spent hours upon hours soaking up as much awesome curling action as I could there last 2 weeks.

Curling. Such an underrated but awesome winter sport. Potentially my favorite Olympic sport to watch. Sure, it's not dangerous like Aerial Jumping or Ski Cross (did you see that? Poles! and Sticks! Everywhere!) but I get fixated and am absolutely riveted while it is on the tube.

I hear there is a curling facility in Miami. I very well need to go check it out. I'm sure I'd be one to fall and break my leg while out on the ice but I really really just want to sweep the bejeebus out of the ice and get that stone to curl ever so slightly and hit the button on the nose.

I miss Curling already.

Though the Karate Kid marathon certainly helped me miss it a little bit less yesterday.

OH! I almost forgot. I completed my Olympic Knitting project both parts 1 and 2! And I love them and wore them all day yesterday while at the shop workinig on my quilt squares. GAH! I almost forgot about those. I'll have to play papparrazzi this week and get ya'll updated on everything.

It'll help fill the time since the basement is on hold this week since Mr. is out of town.

Happy? Monday.

EDIT: Totally random but Casey from Moosh in Indy just informed me that there in fact a Curling CLUB! in Indy!

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  1. I watched the karate kid marathon too! Well, the first 2. Man the 2nd movie is just AWFUL! But i couldn't stop watching...


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