Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 Year Makes A Big Difference

What a difference 1 year makes.

Remembering where we were last year on St. Patrick's Day makes me feel old now.

Rather than sitting outside on a patio all day at an Irish Pub. We were responsible and worked during the day, though I did go outside for lunch and watch the folks outside at an Irish Pub near work. I was a bit jealous, I'm not gonne lie.

After our responsible selves were done with work, we didn't down pint after pint of Green Beer and Killians and shots of Irish Kisses... but what is St. Patty's without just a little bit of green beer.

Especially when it comes from your own kegarator!

Yes, I made those beers green. Thank you food coloring :)

And our night pretty much went like this:

Followed by Mr. Buckeye grilling us giant burgers the size of your face and watching House and American Idol.

Goodness we feel old, but you know what?

The change is nice and after the madness we have been through it was a welcome change.

I've got lots of pictures of the basement and updates to share but I've been too exhausted to get them up. You'll see them eventually- you can see a bit of the carpet in there and the light fixture obviously. But there is more. Trust me there is more.


  1. Last year Mike, B, & I went out for lunch & I drank one of my first beers after having B. This year, Mike went out with work people & B & I ate pizza. No beer. How lame is that?
    Good work with the food coloring!

  2. Someone asked me yesterday if I was going out for drinks after, did you see the belly?! LOL! I hate beer anyway so I'm not missing anything :-) I'm ok with being old. And why would you go out when you can make your own green beer and have a pool table you can use anytime and not wait for people to finish up their game?!


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