Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After that lovely dinner last night I did knit. But only a few rows on some socks that I started waaaay back in August. They will be done eventually. I really try to love knitting socks. I love seeing handknit socks that come into the shop and the owners beaming proudly. I love sock yarn. It's full of fun color variations and stripes and just makes me smile. And yet I have never finished a pair of socks. Sure, I knit 1 sock with my first ever skein of sock yarn that I bought on my first ever trip to Lambikins (Trekking XXL in a very loud and obnoxious colorway reminiscent of rainbows and clown suits) But I wasn't going to do another one so off to frog pond it went. It will become socks some other time. Who knows when.

For my birthday last year I received some lovely sock yarn and a 40'' long circular US2 Needle. Perfect for magic loop! Meaning I can knit both socks at the same time! No more second sock syndrome! I started them and flew through the first few repeats... then I got distracted. By sweaters and shawls and chunky yarn on size 15 needles. And they went into hibernation.

Last I saw them they looked like this:

After last night I have 1 more repeat (6 rows) on each sock and then I can start the heels! Which means it will be new and exciting again and I'll work on these babies for at least another 20 minutes till I lose interest. I'd love to be able to finish them and wear during easter. They just make me so happy. Maybe the sock knitting bug will bite me tonight and I'll think of nothing but socks till Easter when they adorn my feet and I can show them off and beam proudly like those other sock knitters I see :)

Hopefully they turn out as lovely as these:

Knit by susu12

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