Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the work resume

Productive weekend for us at the Buckeye House. The last piece to the basement puzzle has been selected. Yes, my friends, we have purchased the carpet. Who knew it would be so difficult! I've learned so much more than I ever wanted to know about carpet over the last 2 days.

We went with a frieze (shag) in nylon. It's quite interesting up close as it has twists of golden brown, deep chocolate, beige, slate gray, and some others but from far away it's totally neutral and looks great with the tile. We got a great deal and even better- it is in stock and will be installed on Friday! Which means the pool table can then be installed and we will be ready to move the tv and get a couch!

P's dad is headed back down here to Cincy to wrap up the painting and stain the bar. It'll be a busy week but it will fly by I'm sure. I mean heck, the pool table people showed up on Saturday already trying to deliver the pool table. Luckily we weren't home anyway but hello! Wouldn't you call to confirm and give a time??? We had tentatively said March 6/March 13 for delivery but we hadn't confirmed since we didn't know the finished date for the carpet. Not sure where the miscommunication was there. But all will be well this weekend.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay awake last night for the Oscars but I was inches away from tearing my eyes out seeing Miley Cyrus walk around like a hunchback. Homegirl either doesn't know how to stand up straight or if she did, her dress would fall off.

Loved watching all the Red Carpet coverage though. The wheels are spinning for me now as I try to figure out how I'm doing my hair for KT's wedding... in July. I need time to decide. I'm very indecisive... don't you know that by now?

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