Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fabric? or Leather?

So if any of you are my friends on Facebook, you'll know that recently we have been looking for a couch to adorn our new basement. We fell in love with a set by Ashley, only to find out that it was huge and would work in our room, but not well. And our most favorite part- the ottoman- would definitely not fit if we wanted to walk anywhere.

So we kept hunting- and found this lovely number. It would fit the room absolutely perfect- give plenty of seating option and plenty of room to walk around the pool table and not have to ask folks to move out of the way for a rough shot by the corner pocket. Plus, the ottoman would definitely fit and give the option to kick your feet up from anywhere on the couch.

So what's the problem? Well, nothing. Excepts its leather. I've never had leather before. And I'm scared, it's new and different. I've been asking around and it seems to be a matter of preference. Some swear by leather, some swear by fabric. Doesn't seem that one is better than the other.

I've heard it is great for cleaning up spills (but so is teflon coated microfiber :) ) and it actually quite comfy. I've sat on that one. And I do like it. But I worry about being cold. Throw a blanket over myself then right? How do you accessorize a leather couch? Can you put fabric pillows and a throw on it?

It looks great and would look great in the room. Almost perfectly sized for it. And it's well within our budget.

So why can't I pull the trigger?! Help!

Convince me either way... please. And soon. We need a couch by next weekend.

(don't use the "you stick to leather when it is hot" thing because it will be in the basement- hello! it's cold down there... we are buying a space heater to keep it a comfy temp. Because I'm not a polar bear and can't sit in an ice bucket. So not too cold... I'll use a blanket like I always do anyway, and no sweating or sticking.)

Oh and in case you are wondering, this is the space we have:
(when we laid out the set we loved only to find out it was too big...)
imagine trying to fit a 50''x50'' ottoman in that middle space. YIKES!

So back to the question, leather... good idea?


  1. I still go back to leather being cold, especially in a basement. You're going to have to put a blanket on the couch and sit on it to keep the cold away. I used to have to do that with my parents leather couch in the winter. But I do like the look of leather. I would worry about the cat's claws though. I just imagine little scratches everywhere. It's the reason we went with fabric for our couch.

  2. Oh and you can put fabric pillows and a throw on a leather couch but the tend to slide off a lot :-)

  3. My parents got a leather couch after i moved out, and i was totally against it. Until i sat on it... and watched it hold up really nicely over the years. Fabric looks frumpy by comparison, we're couch shopping as well and only considering leather. Maybe buying one this weekend!
    As for the cold, my parents house is FREEZING, and so is their couch, but they just keep a bunch of throws around, and i wrap myself up in them before i sit down. It's not cold or sticky as long as it's not skin on leather...
    and yes, you can still accessorize with throws and pillows, just like a fabric couch!

  4. I like fabric! But that's just me. I'd never get a leather couch. Mostly because I think cows are cute. :) And I'd like to have as little cow in my house as possible.

  5. I think leather looks really nice. But I'd say make sure that the seating is soft and gives when you sit in it. My parents couch is very firm and you can't lay on it without sliding over the surface.

  6. i say fabric. i think leather is a nice look but i don't think it's as comfortable and it seems you'll want comfortable and cozy over form.

    additionally, cows are really kind, sweet animals and it breaks my heart they are slaughtered. save a cow, buy fabric!

    PS- Did you see Reese Witherspoon is going to play Ree in The Pioneer Woman movie?!

  7. I stand by the leather. I didn't want it at first either, but Mike convinced me & it's wonderful. We have fabric throws & pillows... the pillows don't really fall off on their own, but yes, it's hard to keep the throw 'thrown' perfectly. Janelle brings up a good point- cat scratches. We don't have scratches from Tuck & he tries to sleep on one at least once a day, but I'm not sure about a cat. I like how well ours have stood up to 4 moves (we bought them in Seattle)... plus how easy they are to clean up after children & a very hairy, shedding dog.


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