Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I had a doughnut for breakfast this morning.

And some Green Tea with Mandarin Orange (Lipton- it rocks, go try some!)

Couldn't sleep last night. I'm wired this morning.

Not sure if it was the 3 individual rows of knitting on my hat that I completely fudged up separately and had to redo every time I got a new row done. Or maybe it was the Skyline Chili I made last night. I made the mistake of not using a spoon to scoop the onions I had cut. I swear, I can still smell them even after washing my hands 15 times and a shower. Hopefully it's just in my mind.

I have a presentation tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be fine. But its not every day that you present to an Executive Leadership Member so I'm a little nervous.

I hope the sugar rush from the doughnut lasts till lunchtime. Then I can go refuel so I don't pass out.

It's supposed to be awful nice later this week. I'm hoping to start running again. Oh wait, I didn't tell you about that. I started running 3 weeks ago. And wouldn't you know I got injured. Pes Anserine Bursitis in my right leg. Let me just tell you that I was hours from cutting my leg off it hurt so bad. But luckily 14 days later I'm diagnosed, medicated, stretched and better and just itching to get outside and run again. Let's just hope the motivation is still there. I've got a wedding to go to in April and LA/Vegas in May and there is no way in hell this hot mess is wearing anything short of long sleeves and pants if I don't get my hiney off the couch and hit the pavement these next 5 weeks.

Happy Hump Day.

Edit: Okay so I lied. I have now had 2 doughnuts. I went to the printer and saw this little gem in the box looking all cute and lovely. It reminded me of Homer Simpson and made me laugh. But that's all I remember because then I blacked out and ended up back at my desk and wouldn't you know it followed me there.

So I ate it too.

Maybe I'll have to start running tonight...


  1. next time you have eau de onion, try washing your hands (and cutting board) with a bit of lemon juice and some salt to scrub. Works for garlic too, and my mom claims if you microwave half a lemon it takes bad smells out of the microwave (like reheated fish) but i think microwaved lemon smells almost as bad, haha.

  2. you picked the perfect 'homer simpson doughnut'! that's awesome!
    you're headed to vegas soon, too? i'm definitely feeling the time-crunch. i'm headed there mid-april and i need to at least tone up my body. i refuse to waste a ridiculous amount of time out there obsessing about how i look in a swimsuit. i mean, it's going to happen, but if i can do something about it now, it'll help... :)
    we're staying at 'the signature' at the mgm grand. have you ever been before? this will be my third time out there. i can't believe it's been four years since i was last there. seems like last summer!

    ps - your ravelympics projects look great! you do so well with the cables and colorwork. :)


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