Friday, December 11, 2009

2nd Friday

Well, today is my second Friday off in December. Last week I was on my way to visit Steph in Peoria. This week I've got to get down to business. 1 Family Christmas is 8 days away and the rest obviously on Christmas Eve and Night and guess how much shopping we have done.... errr not so much. So I'm on a mission today to get as much done as I can. P will join me tomorrow afternoon so we can hopefully wrap up. and then literally wrap up on Sunday. I'm hoping to have no room under the Christmas tree after this weekend as it will be full of wrapped presents. I've also got to pick up a knitting related gift as I am attending my first Christmas Knit Night at a friend's house. I'm so excited! I need to bring an appetizer/snack too... I'm thinking meatballs. YUM!

If only it wasn't frozen tundra out there... I guess it could be worse though- I could be at work and it could be snowing 14 inches on us like they did my friend in Green Bay yesterday!

PS- 2 posts in 2 days! Aren't you proud???

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