Saturday, June 9, 2012

Upside Down

Wed. 5/30
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 2
CG Bench - New training max = 61
3 @ 70 - 43
3 @ 80 - 48
3+ @ 90 - 54
* 10-20 GHDSU after each set

I rocked out 12 reps at 90%. Strength SCORE! but instead of the GHDSU which hurt my back, I chose to do 20 abmat situps after each set instead.

Tabata Handstand Hold
Tabata Squat Hold

Back to Back Tabata wasn't so fun but holy crap, I did handstands! I remember being in high school and getting yelled at for doing them on the big wall in my mom's room because I would leave little sock and feet prints on the wall and now I was allowed to do them! The hardest part for me (other than holding for 20 seconds each time) was kicking hard enough to overextend and get to the wall. I kept trying to balance, which I did pretty well actually. We went straight into the squat holds where I cried for mercy and begged for it to be over. Not really, but that is what I wanted to do. My butt was so sore the next day!

Oh and forgot to mention after the WOD we were to do with 800m or 1600m Cool down run.

I chose 800m.


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