Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ropes and boxes

Wendler Cycle 2! Week 2
Deadlift - New training max = 135
3 @ 70 - 94
3 @ 80 - 108
3+ @ 90 - 121
2 rope climbs after each set

I didn't write it down but I think I did 8 at 90%. I also did modified rope climbs (never attempted them before) and used a tall box and pulled from ground to standing. Did quite well on those actually. Better than I would have thought.

Followed by EMOTM - 10 Min

It was mostly mental for me since the last WOD that had box jumps in it sent me to the dr. with my continuous knee pain. I had decided that I would use the 20'' box and do stepups instead. My trainer was fine with it and I was fine with it. Until I stood behind the box and there was no way I couldn't NOT jump! Since the WOD allowed you to pick a number and that was what you would do EMOTM, I chose 4. 2 jumps and 2 step ups. I did it and felt good and oddly enough, the knee was good too!

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