Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bad Blogger Catch Up- 5/28:6/2

Slowly but surely catching up! Only 2 weeks left!

Mon. 5/28
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 1
Close Grip Bench - New training max = 61
5 @ 65 - 39
5 @ 75 - 45
5+ @ 85 - 51
I pushed out 11! Super proud of that too because you are working such a small muscle group that high numbers are a very good sign that you are getting a lot stronger! Yeah Buddy!

We followed up with 3 rounds for Volume:
10 ring dips
25 hollow rocks
400m Run

I tried using a band for the ring dips and that worked for about 5 seconds before I pulled my knees out of it and the band snapped back and cruched me across the chest. I swear I almost cut them off. At that point I had to settle on doing them with my feet on the ground, knees bent. I am now terrified of banded ring dips. The hollow rocks weren't bad (lay on your back and lift your head/shoulders off the ground and at the same time your legs about 6 inches off the ground, you look kind of like a boat. Then you rock back and forth. I also scaled the running to 300m because of the ole knee giving me trouble.

Wed. 5/30
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 2
Back Squat - New training max = 98
3 @ 70 - 68
3 @ 80 - 78
3+ @ 90 - 88
I stuck with it and hit 5 at 90%.

Volume WOD - EMOTM - 10 Minutes
Wall Walks
I did a scaled version using a box. I think I'll be able to do them as RXed soon.

Fri. 6/1
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 2
Strict Press - New training max = 48
3 @ 70 - 33
3 @ 80 - 38
3+ @ 90 - 43
Same thing, hit 5. Still don't like strict press. Would much rather push press.

We then wrapped up with the Burpee Ladder, aka Death by Burpees, aka I never want to do this again
Anytime a workout is "Death By ... " it works like this:
Every minute you do the exercise, every following minute you add one more, continue until you can't complete the number in that minute.

Min 1- 1 burpee
Min 2- 2 burpees
Min 3- 3 burpees
and so on.

the quicker you do then, the more time you have to rest before that next minute comes up. I managed to complete the 9th round but it took the entire minute so going into the 10th round I knew I wouldn't finish. I did get through 6/10 so I was out at that point. (total of 51 burpees) I think I went out 4th. We did have one rock star GIRL who beat all the boys and got to the 18th round!!!

Sat. 6/2
Made it to a 4th WOD this week.

"Nicole" - a Benchmark WOD
20 min AMRAP
Max Pullups
400m Run

Your score is the total pullups you do. Mine was 23.
I used the skinny green, skinny purple, and small red bands for pullups and can't remember if I did 300m or 400m run.

1 week left and I'm all caught up!

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