Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bad Blogger Catch Up - 5/21:5/25

Mon. 5/21
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 1
Back Squat - New training max = 98
5 @ 65 - 63
5 @ 75 - 73
5+ @ 85 - 83
I did 5 because the knee was aching and didn't want to push it.

EMOTM - 10 Minutes, 2 Hang Squat Clean
I used 45 lbs and did every single one of them. I possibly could have gone heavier and got more sweaty, but I really was trying to focus on form and squat to the box each time. Achieved!

Wed. 5/23
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 1
Strict Press- New training max = 48
5 @ 65 - 33
5 @ 75 - 36
5+ @ 85 - 41
Again only did 5 but I think it was because I wasn't feeling strong and likely form was starting to compromise. If you start to push or jerk you aren't doing it right. It's just a press, that's it. Nothing else. oh and did I mention I really hate it? UGH.

Followed up with a Volume WOD
3 x 15 GHDSU * 50 Double Unders after each set
I'd never done GHDSU before (that is Glutes/Ham Developer Situps) and they made me sore the next day! Not too much a fan of them though because there is no support in your back and they made my head hurt from dizziness. Then of course I did singles because I can't do DU's yet. OH WAIT... I DID ONE!!! Only one but holy hell!!! So excited!

Fri. 5/25
Wendler Cycle 2! Week 1
Deadlift - New training max = 135
5 @ 65 - 88
5 @ 75 - 101
5+ @ 85 - 114
I hit 10 at 114 and was super proud. I'm loving the progress that I can feel and this is one that I feel good about. We won't test out true 1RM max for a while but I can't wait to smash my previous 143.

Then we followed up with 20 minutes of establishing our 1RM for Turkish Getups. Your max has to be the same for both arms. I practiced a while with just a PVC to understand the movement and then used a wooden dowel and then a pipe. Someone else was using the training bar so I got that after she was done and made it up to 22lbs on each arm before time was up. I could have probably gone a little bit heavier but I was tired and time was up so yeah. And Brandon decided he didn't need barbells or kettlebells....

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