Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sand and Jello

WOOT! Caught up!

Wendler Cycle 2! Week 3
Back Squat - New training max = 98
5 @ 75 - 73
3 @ 85 - 83
1+ @ 95 - 73
* 5 banded pullups after each set

I hit 5 at 95%, I was tired and not feeling incredibly strong but I picked 5 and hit them and was proud.
I used 1 purple and 1 red band for the pullups. They are getting better, for sure.

We followed up with a 12min AMRAP that made me wish we were going Death by Burpees instead.


12min AMRAP can't be that bad right? think again. It was 100m of walking lunges and 200m run.

I got through 1.5 reps and then is because after my first full repeat, I was gasping for breath and couldn't get my legs to move. But I did complete another 100m of lunges.

This week was a really heavy leg week, At least my butt should be looking nicer :)

I was going to try and hit the 9am WOD this morning but I woke up to my butt and legs feeling like a combination of jello and wet sand. Best to rest. I need to run some errands anyway and have a baby shower to get to this afternoon.

I need to do a Crossfit Eval soon. It's been about 10 weeks now and I should take a look back and see how things have gotten better/worse/easier/harder.

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