Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bad Blogger Catchup- 5/16, 5/18

I know I know. Bad Blogger. But seriously, the app was being an ahole and keeps shutting down and then I typed up the whole wrap up on another computer only to have blogger freak out and delete it.

I may not have been blogging but I have been going like the faithful little cult member that I am.

My routine in the morning has changed though so that is what I attribute the lack of postage to.
I used to get up at 6, leave at 630, crossfit from 7-8 then home to protien shake, blog, shower, work.
Now I have get up at 6, leave at 630, crossfit from 7-8, chiropractor 8-830/45 then home to quickly shower and work. I need to figure out when to post. Maybe lunchtime?

Anywho, here is my wrap up for WODs for the 16/18. I last posted on Tuesday the 15th.

Wed. May 16
Deload week for Wendler! (You drop your weight tremendously and do a set number, no matter what)
Deadlift- Training Max 125
5 @ 40 - 50
5 @ 50 - 63
5 @ 60 - 75 (you only do 5, not + like the other weeks, this is muscle recovery week)

We followed up with a metcon of
3 RFT (Rounds for time)
21 wall balls
14 pullups
I used the 15 lb med ball and did banded pullups with 2 purple and 1 skinny red. My wall balls were so much better than the last time I did them but I still had LOTS of rest stops. and I was last. again. But I finished in 13:52 dripping with sweat and uber glad to be done.

Fri. May 18
Deload week for Wendler!
CG Bench- Training Max 56
5 @ 40 - 22
5 @ 50 - 28
5 @ 60 - 33

Followed up with 6 x 3 of overhead squats which were a total fail for me. I did as many as I could, not sure since I didn't write it down, and then foam rolled my leg and practiced squats to the gray box. Overall pretty crappy today.

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