Friday, July 17, 2009

Whirlwind Part 4

We took the next weekend (July 4th) to detox and take some time to ourselves. We were thisclose to heading to Columbus for Red White and Boom but at the last minute decided we really needed some calm time. We instead made it a movie weekend. It was nice to have some husband wife time and not have to run here and there and everywhere.

Thursday night we saw The Hangover. It. was. hilarious. We both thouroughly en joyed ourselves and it was great to laugh uncontrollably for a little while after everything that had happened the last 2 weeks.

Friday night we rented Confessions of a Shopaholic. I'll let you guess who picked that out. Yep, and I ended up watching the last half by myself and struggled to stay awake. I was really dissapointed considering how much I enjoyed reading the books. But I've come to figure out that most movies (with the exception of a few) are MUCH better as books. Since I started reading again last year I've really fallen in love with the written word. But only certain genres. I'm still struggling to enjoy the "classics" but I'm hoping that some day it all clicks. For now I'll stick with my chick lit and mysteries. Hey, at least I'm reading. (my reading list is embarrassingly short compared to last year but at least I still have one so I'm not complaining)

Saturday afternoon we saw Transformers at the IMAX theater. It was good but not nearly as great as the first one. It was almost too long and there was almost too much action and not enough story line. We still enjoyed ourselves and I'm glad we saw it at IMAX. The details and action scenes were just unreal.

Saturday night we finally got to see Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I actually liked this one too. I'm usually not that big of a fan of those movies that get rave reviews and win tons of awards. They tend to be a little too out there for me. But we both watched the whole thing start to finish and I think we agree that it was a good movie. P's only complaint was that he started out as an old man but he was still a baby and then he ended as a baby. So to him that didn't make sense. haha So living your life in reverse DOES make sense? Either way, 2 thumbs up.

Then we wrapped up Sunday with Taken. This movie was engaging from start to finish. I really like it. High intensity and drama and I just love Liam Neeson. Great movie and I was on edge throughout the whole thing.

To wrap up the movie watching we saw The Kite Runner on Wednesday. Despite the amount of subtitles we both watched the whole thing. It was gripping and tragic and I'm surprised that I liked it considering it didn't have the chick flick/mystery/easy to follow plot line/in english stuff that I usually require in order to watch and enjoy a movie. P claimed that if a subtitle came on he would not watch it but he also got sucked in and postponed doing other things so that he could watch.

I think we filled our movie quota for a while so who know's what we are going to see next.

I'm game for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!!


  1. i didn't like Shopaholic either and i love romantic comedies.

    I rented New In Town with Renee Zellweger and that was officially rotten but mostly because her face looked like a plastic mask.

  2. It combined the first 2 books and it just didn't impress me. I barely stayed awake.

    Plastic faces scare me.

    PS- Did you notice? 5 posts in 5 days! that's like a record for me :)

  3. I liked shopaholic but I agree with Britt....New In Town was a big let down

    And sadly the Harry Potter movie was a let down for me too. It missed a lot of stuff from the book which I was expecting but they changed around the whole ending which I really hated!



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