Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well... here it is. My 26th birthday. It's come along quicker than I knew it would and it's pretty much just another day. I don't feel any older, and 26 isn't one of those milestone birthdays.

In my opinion, milestone birthdays include:

1- oh! you're one! you made it a whole year! (this is more a congratulations to your parents)
2- the "terrible" twos... or is it threes now? Either way I was a gem, no chance of being terrible. Maybe a terror... but not terrible.
10- double digits! Welcome to middle school. Get ready to defend yourself.
13- A teenager. Full of angst and rebellion and do what I wantness. (not me, but so I've heard)
16- I can drive! I passed my test on the first time, on my birthday. And then I almost wrecked the car on my first drive solo. But my parents didn't know about that... oops.
18- I can buy cigarettes- big whoop, I don't smoke. and I can Vote! (missed that election. oh yeah) and no matter what you say I am now an adult!
21- No longer drinking underage, not that I ever did that anyway ;)
23- My golden birthday. Turned 23 on the 23rd
25- Quarter of a century! My car insurance went down!
26- zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... I'm 26 now? What is there to look forward to this year?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not mad about getting older. It's just one of those things you have no control over so might as well not cry about it. In fact, getting older isn't all that bad. (well, yet) So I'm embracing 26 with as much vim and vigor as any birthday and will just hope for the best. I'd say I'm right where I want to be in my life and I have no complaints. I have a wonderful husband, loving family, crazy cat, great friends, a house, a car, a job, I could go on and on. I'm truly blessed to be where I am in my life and it's been a great 25 years. So bring it on 26! I'm ready!


  1. Happy, happy Birthday! This may not be a milestone birthday, but you can make it the most memorable one yet! Have a great day.

  2. Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!! Happy, successful and loved: What else is there, my sweet?


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