Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Since I wasn't home on my birthday night and spent the night hanging out with the girls (my mom, mama, and 2 BFFs) Patrick treated me on Friday night to dinner and a movie. My choice of course and since I was needing a little more happy that day we went to Happy Hour and I decided to torture bring Patrick to the premiere night of The Ugly Truth. It was either that or Harry Potter, which he would rather staple his eyes shut. So The Ugly Truth it was. I enjoyed it. A lighthearted, comical chick flick and of course who doesn't like to look at Gerard Butler? (No, I've not seen PS I love you, I hear he is great, but no I don't want to see a movie that I know will make me cry thankyouverymuch) Since it was still early when we left the movie, we went to a local bar to watch a band and "people watch." The crowd did not dissapoint and we spent the next 2 hours trying to figure out how some people have absolutely no rhythm yet act like they are Beyonce; we totally weren't ready for all that jelly.... gah.

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