Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whirlwind Part 2

We returned to Cinci on Monday to the terrible news that my aunt's husband had been in a horrific motorcycle accident that Saturday and was in the hospital basically in a coma. (induced) He suffered 5 broken ribs, 2 broken vertabrae, a broken neck, a broken arm, lost a finger, some teeth, and has the dreaded road rash.

He was life flighted to UC Med Center to be put back together. Luckily he was able to have surgery on his arm and his breaks were clean so recovery is not so fun but in the works. My aunt had just come out of the hospital on 6/19 (she had caught CDif) so this was even worse on her considering she was recovering herself from that. He was doing very well until 7/1 when he came down with a 104* fever and had to be taken back to the hospital where they determined he had caught the CDif as well. Not to mention had a nasty infection in his arm. Once they got him under wraps and taken home my aunt had caught CDif again. They pretty much passed it back and forth. But both are doing well and we are looking on the up for both of them.

And believe it or not it only gets worse before it gets better.

Up next... Whirlwind Part 3

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