Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm going pro, yo!

So in the midst of a tornado watch yesterday (seriously? No clue where that came from- it was windy and lovely! Maybe a little too hot but surely not dangerous weather weather!) we spent the evening here:

Because I finally got a new golf bag!

Pink Plaid? Yes Please!

I sold my purple set to my mom a few weeks ago. They were just a wee bit too short for me, being a lady starter set and all, and there was a great golf expo a couple weeks ago where I found a new set. The Mr. got the clubs he has been lusting over. Brand New Taylor Made Burner Irons. We got a great deal on them - And I found an awesome pair of Nike golf shoes and got the vendor to knock of some $$ on those too! I just love them. And woah, I must be a serious golfer now that I have my very own shoes!

(Not going to lie, I had the cutest shoes at the range yesterday. For reals.)

After we got my shoes and his clubs we decided to look for some new clubs for moi. I ended up getting an impromptu lesson from a vendor who determined that I did, in fact, need different clubs. Apparently I’m a 65 year old man… I kid. But I did end up getting a set of Senior Clubs. They are longer than the lady clubs, but still light enough that I can swing easily. He had me hit about 100 cheerios (yes those cheerios… but not the honey nut- I’m told they stick to your clubs) so that he could see my hand eye coordination and see my swing- which is not as ugly as I had thought. He told me I had a good, athletic swing. (::blush:: gawrsh, thanks!) Then he had me hit a golf ball. I topped it like crazy and almost broke the club. Okay maybe not that bad… but it was not good. So he played a trick on my mind- Put a cheerio directly behind the ball. Then hit the cheerio. It worked like a dream. Whodathunkit!

So back to yesterday. I hadn’t hit in about 2.5 weeks so I was worried as to how it would go. The Mr. said I did surprisingly well. I just need to work on closing my clubface so I don’t shank every ball right. In time. It will come. For now, it was just really nice to get out to the range and have some time with Patrick.

Hopefully we can get out to a course soon. There are a couple of short walking courses in our area that we want to go try so I don’t have to play a full 18 on my first time out. I’m hesitant to go play on an actual course with him though for fear it could end my marriage though. Figure I’m probably a 55 handicap right now and he’s pretty much Tiger Woods. Eeerrrr- bad reference. Let’s go with John Daly.

At least he wears cool pants!

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  1. The bag and shoes are cute! Almost makes me want to golf just for the cute outfits :-) It's on my 101 list to play a round of golf with John but I don't think he wants to take me, lol. The golf course is his time with the men folk.


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