Monday, May 17, 2010

Tiga Tiga Tiga Woods Ya'll!

I played my very first round of golf yesterday. Ma, Mark, Mr. and myself took off to a short 9 hole course nearby and we attempted to see if I could actually do this. Unfortunately the fabulous sunny weekend that we experienced retreated and we were out there in dismal cloudy skies and teeny droplets of rain and wind. But it was a blast. I got to wear my cute golf shoes (still love them!) and drive the golf cart! I did great for my first time out I think. I was able to hit my irons and drive the ball pretty well. And by pretty well I mean hear the “TINK!” sound when you make contact. Unfortunately I’m still learning my distances and what clubs to use when. I have pretty much no ball control and my short game is absolutely terrifying. Mr. Buckeye is going to take me to a putting green and chipping green so we can get that straightened out.

I did however have 1 really good hole (for me anyway) I actually pared! (well, with a mulligan anyway) First shot I shanked my ball right and landed by a tree. I was terrified that I was going to hit the tree and the ball was going to pounce back and hit me. Mr. assured me it wouldn’t happen, just aim more left and it will be fine. I take my swing, hit the ball, and what do you know, that ball plunked directly into the tree and shot left in warp speed. It was absolutely hilarious. (Ma and Mark ran for cover) So I took a Mulligan (aka a do-over) and took another swing. Miraculously (and totally redeeming myself) the ball landed about 4 ft. from the hole.

IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. Sunk my putt and marked my first PAR!

We had a fantastic time, Mr. Buckeye was happily surprised and there was no arguing or threat of divorce. Looks like this might be a good “couple hobby” for us after all.

My first 9 holes ever. I shot a fabulous 53, in the rain. And I’m thrilled.

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