Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quilting? Kinda

So I did a bit of sewing on Saturday. I had to catch up with my quilt class. Month 4 kind of got away from me but I managed to get caught up in time to go to Raven’s and pick up my next month’s patterns and fabric.

My first attempt at flying geese. I think I did well once I got the hang of it and visualized. The first block I didn’t iron anything- I was feeling lazy. BIG MISTAKE! I sucked it up and ironed everything on the last 3 blocks and managed to get those done in about the same time as the first one.

I’m still enjoying the quilting but I’m not in love with how precise you need to be. And taking time to measure and cut every single piece and iron every single line that you sew just really irks me. I’d rather cut a couple and sew sew sew. Maybe I should hire someone to come do my ironing and pinning.

I’ve got months 5 and 6 now so I’ll be attempting my first log cabin blocks. I’m told they are pretty easy. We will see about that.

I think I'm just in love with the background fabric I chose for this quilt. Black with little gray stars all over. Something fun, something different!


  1. Awesome job! I like doing log cabin squares... it is really easy. You'll enjoy it and the possibilities for piecing are endless!

  2. I'm jealous, you're crazy talented at all of this stuff! You'll be able to pass all of these things down to your kids and grandkids one day!


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