Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll!

Well, 25 isn't so bad afterall. Turned out to be a good day. (other that the working part but that's to be expected right?) I got my birthday present from P when I got home. He is so great. I really don't give him any ideas or suggestions because from my standpoint, I already have pretty much everything I need and/or want. (wow that sounds really spoiled but you know what I mean) But P's whole thing with gift giving is it must meet 2 criteria. 1. Giftee must at some point have stated they would want it or hinted towards it being something neat to have. 2. Something the giftee probably wouldn't buy for themselves for whatever reason. That being said, I have mentioned multiple times that I have fun going to the range with him. P is a golfer. He loves it, hates it, loves it again. And we do go to the range on occasion and I will hit balls with him using his clubs. Well, no more my good friend! I give you.... my birthday present:

These lovely beauties are real life women's clubs! Graphite shafted and lighter than the steel shaft clubs that P has. And they are purple! Oooh the icing on the cake is oh so sweet. Granted they aren't the primo madonna Pings or Big Berthas or whatever overpriced ridiculous sticks that are out there but they are perfect for me (and according to P great to figure out if this is a phase or not) and I love them! And even better, they happened to be cheaper than what he thought so I get some accessories! Thats right, I'm super excited about golf tees, balls, golf gloves, hand towels, umbrellas, oh yes- and the lessons with the golf pro that I'm going to be taking! Sure I've gotten better- I can actually make contact with the ball almost everytime but we shall not revisit the big blowout when P first tried teaching me and I ended up sitting in the clubhouse while he hit the rest of the large bucket that we purchased. Our relationship almost ended there. I kid. I have the sweetest husband and I'm so thrilled with my birthday present I am already looking forward to going to the range after work today to swing them around for reals!

And they have a backpack type thing that I can carry them with on my back to make it easy for me- oh and see the legs?! I won't have to lay it on the ground and get it dirty!!! yay!

Woods, Irons, Putters, Oh MY!

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