Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sean and Natalie's Wedding!

Well, it was an exhausting but fabulous weekend. So exhausting it has taken till today to recover and be able to post just from the sheer exhaustion- and a bit of car trouble that we don't need to get into.
We left on Friday and headed up to Atwood Lake. It was back in the hills of North Eastern Ohio and truly a beautiful site for their wedding weekend. We made great time and were able to meet up with everyone Friday Night at the resort bar for some cocktails. (It was margarita night so everyone was happy about that surprise :) ) It was a great way to relax after the long trip up.

We woke up to overcast so no pool for the girls, but the guys were thankful since they were out golfing all morning. The 4 of us girls enjoyed a wonderful breakfast buffet and then took a walk before getting ready.

The church was a small Catholic church in a remote area but it was so quaint and peaceful, not to mention the sun came out, that it really set up a beautiful backdrop for Sean and Natalie's special day. Their wedding was the longest ever by far, topping in at over an hour. The bride looked beautiful and the happiness the couple was feeling radiated throughout the room.

They left the church in a swarm of bubbles and drove off in a hot red convertible!

The cocktail hour was wonderful, it was just cool enough that it wasn't uncomfortable and we could sit outside. What a beautiful view!

The dinner and reception was wonderful. We saw a slideshow of Sean and Natalie courtesy of her sister Jamie and there were emcees to walk us through the night. Apparently it is a Canadian thing. (Sean is a Canuck) There were cute Canadian and American flags at the bars and even a Canadian/American dance off.

We ended the night with some outstanding (read: terrible) renditions of Journey and Meatloaf classics as it was Karaoke night at the resort bar. Oh lucky people. We did notice it started to clear out when we got on the mic!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend wrapped up by brunch with the bride and groom on Sunday and then the looong trip back home.

I wish Sean and Natalie the best of everything as they begin their new life together. (They are in Mexico right now so I'd say they are off to a great start!!!)

Oh and did I mention the hallways creep us out.... Shining anyone?

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