Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Shindig 2008- Success!

Well, all in all in was a fabulous weekend. Granted we are all extremely exhausted and I'm sure some are still hoping to rid them selves of the nasty hangovers that showed their faces on Sunday morning but nonetheless, Summer Shindig 08 may have been the best yet so we should all be looking forward to 09 already!

I'll save the stories and just share the day in a few pictures.

Though I will need to note that it was approximately 95* outside (hottest year yet!) which quite limited the accesibility of the cornhole and cups games. Luckily there was plenty of time for all of that given that our galavanting lasted till the wee hours of Sunday morning so hopefully everyone had their fill of indoor activities as well. And I'm sure Patrick has had his fair share of grilling for the year also! But he did a great job and noone has gotten sick due to undercooked hamburgers or chicken- so far anyway!

Some crucial people were missing in this years festivities but we managed to pay a respectable homage to them with festive smoke bombs.

And it it extremely important to note that there was a Cougar sighting! Although not victorious in their tourney, they were able to grace us with their presence because we are just good peoples(or maybe it was just for our awesome grilling skills) Either way, they enjoyed themselves as well and were a great addition to this years festivities!

I'm already looking forward to next year.... I'm thinking T-Shirts.

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