Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Shindig

So this weekend marks what has become the Third Annual Summer Party in Cincinnati. We started the year we bought the house, only 2 short months after moving in and decided it was time to break it in right! We invited the Columbus Crew to come down and spend a weekend with us. (Hopefully convincing them to move here to- didn't work) It turned out to be a great weekend of cornhole, drinking, grilling, and general good fun with friends. Of course the night progressed into the typical college party (since we can't seem to escape it) and a rousing game of flip cup and beer pong were in order. We bid farewell to everyone until the fall and looked forward to another summer party a year away.

Last year we had a night in Newport (Hofbrauhaus visit of course!) and then returned home the following day to repeat the previous years activities. Great memories, (some bad, but we won't go there) but overall a great time had by all yet again. So since we are attempting to host again for the third year in a row I would say that this has now become annual. I have some last minute shopping to do tonight and finish cleaning up the house.

We have some early arrivals tomorrow for a round of Golf with Patrick and Katie is coming early for some quality girl time! (I wish she would move back!) Then Saturday we are expecting hot weather in the 90's but it should be perfect for a (hot) day outside kicking back. Plus, this year we have a new addition to the family- the Wii! We are well equipped with Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, and Sports- along with 4 fully charged remotes that are ready to go! We also have some new friend additions here in Cincinnati that are looking to attend the awesomeness! I'm hoping this year's is the best yet! (it also happens to be the start of my birthday week so of course I'm looking forward to it!


  1. If the Cougars meet an early demise in the tourny you can certainly count me and a few other fellow Cougars for a stop by!

    This sounds way too fun to miss!


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