Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Introduction... sort of

Well, it's about time I gave this whole blogging thing a whirl. A real effort rather than random postings about random things. Hopefully this will grow into an outlet for our friends and family to get updates on us and keep up with our life in Cinci. Who knows, maybe it will evolve into something that others will want to read. One can only hope.

At this point in our lives, we are a newlywed couple of a little over 9 months. We are settling in nicely to the married life (not too difficult considering we have been together almost 7 years!) and at this point not looking to start a family any time soon (Sorry Mom) but we have a crazy cat to keep us busy in the meantime. We were fortunate enough to purchase our first home 2 years ago in my hometown and are going about doing all the typical suburban couple-y newlywed type things. But our most favoritest things to do are visit our great friends that we have left behind in Columbus. Everyone's lives are changing and it is wonderful to have such awesome people that we can call our friends. Heck, without them "we" wouldn't be "we"!

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