Sunday, December 4, 2011

My First Thanksgiving

It started out so well. I got up early and everything was going my way. .

But I suppose it wouldn't be a holiday without a freakout and some tears. The roaster I used is apparently on loan from Satan in the center of the earth and cooks with molten lava because my turkey was completely done by 9:00am. (less than 2 hours to cook a 16 lb turkey??? ::cue tears::) Terribly sorry to the Mr. Buckeye for having to deal with me- and on his birthday no less! But I was able to salvage it and keep it moist until lunch at 1.*

All in all it wasn't too bad, a tad dry but not nearly what I envisioned.

And we had way too much food but it was delicious!
For the record, I actually did eat my Aunt's Sweet Potatoes without gagging AND asked to keep a small bit for leftovers that I DID eat too! This is a huge deal.

 Mama had every number candle except the 2 we needed... so we settled for the ?

And Sky wanted in on the pyrotechnics as well.

Then Saturday up to Columbus to see our favorite little people. They are getting too big, make it stop!
and see the 2 newest members of the family!
We are in full holiday swing down here now so bring on Christmas!

*Wrap the whole thing in foil, wrap the whole thing in bath towels, keep in cooler till ready to serve

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