Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting my bake on

We are celebrating Christmas tonight with my mom and family. I knew I wanted to make dessert and had been wanting to try the peppermint chocolate roll I found on pinterest but seeing as though I was starting after 6 last night and the recipe seemed a bit out there,can threw that out the window and went for snicker doodles and dark chocolate temptations courtesy of asouthernfairytale.

My loot from the store... I had everything except only bought one bag of dark chips when I needed 2. Mr Buckeye went out for the second for me.

He had requested snicker doodles and I had never made them before. Luckily having a smart phone in the grocery store proved once again useful and I found an awesome recipe. Search for Mrs. Siggs Snickerdoodles on google and you'll see it. They were delightfully easy to make and I enjoyed swirling the dough with the bowl of cinnamon sugar. (I did have the double the cin/sugar mix to have enough.)

And of the 4 dozen that I made there is probably a dozen gone. They turned out great and it turns out I really like snicker doodles too!

Now for the pretty ones.

These were so much fun! They did take a little time, but I started them first and then did the doodles while the dough for these was chilling. My best advice is to follow what she says. It really is step by step. I didn't have vanilla bean paste and subbed pure extract. Worked fine I think. And mine baked for 10 min before they were done in the middle. And while you are waiting for the kisses to melt, be patient and give them the full 5 min. They swirl much better!

And look so pretty!

I ran out of kisses so a handful are plain, but I'll be! They are some of the most delicious chocolate cookies ever!

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