Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Apple!

I had a fabulous time in New York last weekend. Of course it wasn't without it's share of mishaps along the way. It wouldn't be me we were talking about then. Of course, the day before I'm set to fly for the first time by myself to a city I've never been to, a plane crashes. Luckily in the city I'm going to and right next to the hotel I'm staying in. Fabulous.

Arrive at the airport on time. YAY! No problems. Oh wait, it's still early. Board plane- 10 minutes later- plane grounded. Sorry folks, mechanical issues. We'll try to get you another plane as soon as we can. 2 hours late- plane here! Run to the restroom and come back to find plane gone. Are you kidding me? Luckily I was able to catch another aout 20 minutes later but I was supposed to be in NYC at 10:35 and it was after 11 and I was still in Cinci.

I made it safe and sound. Hopped in my town car (actually it was a Merceded SUV- squee!) and dropped stuff out to the hotel. Snagged a cab and made it to find 2 starving ladies who had waited to have lunch with me. (it was now 3:00) Had a lovely lunch at the diner and then headed out on the town. Luckily I had only an hour to kill and it was freezing so I found Times Square and went sightseeing a little bit. OY! The people! The noise! Definitely an experience.

Drinks promptly at 5:15 at Ayza. Absolutely wonderful. Dinner at Cascata in the Village. Equally as wonderful aside from a couple of unwanted guests ;) oh and the fact that I ate ground on the subway. Who goes flying across the train when it takes off because she isn't paying attention and lands in the lap of some unsuspecting man who was completely mortified at the "out of towner" in his personal space? Um yeah, this girl does. Lots of laughs (by us, not him) and many apoligies. But I got to spend time with 3 wonderful friends in the city and I couldn't have been happier.

Saturday was full of sightseeing and walking. Lots of walking. Lots and Lots and LOTS! of walking. We went all the way up to Central Park and worked our way back till it was time to return to get ready for the Cookie Lee Soiree.

I met some of my Cookie Sisters and got to see the new line. (Amazing!) We had delicious appetizers and yummy Pina Coladas. Overall a very good day.

Sunday I was completely exhausted and since the weather decided to crap out even more I took a slightly earlier flight home. No issues there (Thank Jesus!) but yet it wouldn't be a complete weekend without 1 more snafu. I went to a party at a friends house and yep- a girl hit my car. Yay! Weekend complete. Insurance company came today and got me all set up with a rental for next week so I can get the buggy all fixed up.

And here comes the snow......

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