Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (and stuffs)

Well, tomorrow.

But anyways, my apoligies yet again for the lack of posts. I've been here, but I've been busy.

More posts will follow in the upcoming weeks and months as things are starting to pick up around here in Cinci. Obviously this weekend is Valentine's and we are celebrating with a trip to PF Changs for dinner and a movie. Next week we will have visitors! I am very much looking forward to them coming down for another visit- it's been too long! We will wrap up February with our first attendance to the annual BEERFEST at P & K's house. I have a feeling we have no clue what we are getting into but we are on the lookout for delicious American Microbrews in the next 2 weeks. Any recommendations?

March is full of basketball and green beer. I am taking off work that week and making a trip out to Illinois to visit my bestest Steph! I can't wait to see her and the fiance :) When I get back we will travel to Canton to visit and then wrap up that week with March Madness! It should be busy yet completely enjoyable.
April will most likely be a trip to Hocking Hills as well as Easter. And then it gets crazy.
May is filled with a bachelor party weekend, a golf tournament weekend, a wedding! weekend, and Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately I think this year's annual Vegas trip is being put on hold till June but we may still go anyway. It is tradition after all.
Then we are full on into the summer which includes the summer party, my birthday, the Florida trip, and another wedding!
I'm exhausted just thinking about it all.

Yet I assure you posts will follow to document each listed activity as well as a few more that I have no idea about yet.

Oh and I baked cupcakes last night-


  1. Wow you are a busy woman. Sounds like lots of fun though.

  2. Wow those are beautiful cupcakes!


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