Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone and of course it's now that time that everyone reevaluates and determines what they resolve to do for the upcoming 12 months. Of course, I'm doing the same but I'd rather share something else that I found while tinkering online today.

From Buster McLeod

I have a manifesto of 12 things you can do to make your life more interesting. They are:

1. You must not dilly-dally.
2. You must be your word.
3. You must have good intentions.
4. You must admit to being the maker of meaning.
5. You must not feel sorry for yourself.
6. You must have a vision that you are striving for.
7. You must tie creativity and experimentation with survival.
8. You must be the change.
9. You must rally others with your vision.
10. You must stake your reputation on your better self.
11. You must be responsible for your own failure and success.
12. You must be comfortable with big failure.

So here's to making 2009 a little more interesting!

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