Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   I wish       I could easily find the motivation that I had during training for the half marathon. (and I those damn spin cycle bikes had softer or larger seats. I forgot how much of a pain in the rear-literally- spinning is!)     .

2.  Yesterday I   actually followed through and went to the gym. Even though I didn't want to with even ounce of my being. But it was good  .

3.  Today I will       ice my bum and eat hershey kisses all night. KIDDING! I may go back to the gym for a quick mile- I terribly WANT to start running again  .

4.  Tomorrow I will  revisit my Christmas list and try to tackle the rest of persons I am in need of buying for. I will also finish decorating the mantle and take the stuffs back to storage   .

5.  Maybe      I will make it over to Lambikins for some quiet knitting time- I haven't had a lot of that recently and it bums me out .

6.  Someday        I will not be a crazy drama queen... actually probably not, maybe that should be for number one- I can wish right?    .

7.  I love       having an amazing husband, family, and group of friends who love me for me in spite of all my crazyness and drama      .

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