Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

So we decided this year to wait until the week of Halloween to carve our pumpkins since ours created a basic penicillin last year they were outside for so long. We picked up 2 gorgeous pumpkins on Sunday at the Carver Family Farm. (They always have the BEST!) Patrick decided against his signature Block O this year and opted for a traditional toothy grin. I went with "Carol." I thought she was cute.

Once again, Patrick refused to stick his hand in the pumpkin goo but did a great job scooping it out with the biggest spoon in the kitchen. Wonder what he will do for future Halloweens when our future children want him to help them...

I of course, had no problem and dug in!

We lit them up and put them outside.
I'd say we have the best looking pumpkins on the block!


  1. awh adorable!!!

    someone smashed mine on the sidewalk. :(

  2. Booo... you need to move. those people are cruisazy!


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