Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I like Crafts

So some of you may know, and others may not know that I love being crafty. I may not be terribly great at it but I'm getting better. Specifically in needlework (Read: Crochet and Knit) Now I prefer Crochet to Knit because of the speed at which I can whip stuff up, but I prefer the look of Knit to Crochet. Such a conundrum. So as I have been teaching myself to knit over the last month or so I figure I would graduate from scarves and dishcloths to... drumroll please... a cardigan! Now I do not make swatches (blasphemy! I know) so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this hard work will actually be wearable. So far so good. It takes a terribly long time yet I find it so rewarding to create something and watch it grow right in front of me. Unfortunately, photos of my new cardigan will have to wait as it isn't much right now and I don't want you to be dissapointed.

In the mean time, Let me share some of my recent FO's (that's finished objects for all you non-crafty people)

My first knit dishcloth- yes that is a martini glass :)

Fat Bottom Bag- aka my tailgating bag! (took me 2 days)

I even lined it with a cute fabric and put a pocket for my cell phone!

Baby blanket for Lily

Puff Slouchy Hat

With a scarf to match

Baby Blanket for Luca

I've got lots of others in the works too!


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