Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In all the horror and terribleness that was those top 5 incidents on Halloween, I totally almost forgot one of the most postive events of the night.

Towards the end of the night, 3 high school girls came up. They were adorably dressed as princesses and politely came up for trick or treat. Only they threw me a curve ball. Instead of trick or treating for candy, they were asking for canned good for a local food pantry.

Of course we gladly obliged and while Mr Buckeye was collecting some cans from the kitchen I asked what they were doing it for, how old they were, etc.

They were juniors at our local high school and involved in a club at school that focuses on outreach and community service. They all decided that they were too old to trick or treat but could use it as a great opportunity for the club. They had been out collecting cans all night and said they had pretty good response from people. They had collected over 4 wagonfuls of cans between just the 3 of them, AND and they were still out there.

Warms my heart.

* I did ask if they would like candy too. Of course, they said yes. What teenage girl will refuse chocolate and taffy?!


  1. That story makes me feel better about the future of our country :-)

  2. Were they from the Interact Club at Fairfield?


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