Sunday, October 4, 2009

Motivation- or lack thereof

Here I sit on this lovely crisp fall day. Inside. Lacking little to no motivation to tackle the things ahead of me today. P is currently en route to Myrtle Beach for work stuff and I've got the week to myself. I have big plans. Well, big plans that include my weekly knit night, laundry, trying to organize my craft room, clean up the house, and relax. That is if I could pull myself from the comfort of my couch and the Harry Potter marathon on Family Channel right now. Where did my motivation go? Honestly I need to find it. I don't want to sit here. But it just takes too much effort right now to get up. Well, unless I want that bag of Doritos. ha.

Things I would like to do today: (More likely, things I would like to do throughout the week)
Go to Lambikins, just for fun. I love that shop. It's the best.
Unload the dishwasher
Wash my new clothes that I bought over the weekend
Take my new work pants to get hemmed
Paint the guest bathroom
The craft room. Seriously- it needs help.
Sit on my porch with a blanket and read my book
Dust and vacuum
Find the perfect green paint. The Glidden Spring Green- Cute but just a leetle too bright I think!

And the list goes on... Anyone have the secret motivational tool? Let me know because I've lost mine.

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