Friday, October 23, 2009


So my lack of real updates is apparent. But the truth is, things around here have changed. Some know and some don't but I received a promotion at work. And I'm loving it. I'm so much busier (I just caught up on B's blog for the first time in almost 3 weeks! gah!) and I have a new level of responsibility I never thought I would see. I am working solid throughout the day and I don't mind staying a bit later. Because I'm actually being productive. It's quite nice. P has been traveling for work and there were changes at his company as well. Minimally effecting (affecting?) him so nothing to report there. We are a week away from Halloween and we only have about 30% of the candy we need. Cross your fingers for us that Hershey does their 4 for $1 promotion next week else we are screwed.

This weather is crazy. We went from 40 and freezing over the weekend to 70 and sunny 2 days ago to the rain showers from hell today. Seriously, Ohio has a giant green blob hanging over it today according to the weatherman. Lets just hope the blob dissappears by tomorrow for the game!

Happy Friday ya'll!

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