Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bier and Bachelorettes

Well, hopefully the crickets have been keeping you all company. I've just not had the motivation to update due to my lack of pictures to post along with. Pictures just make it better don't you agree? Anyways, it was a busy weekend as usual.

We attended Germania Society's Oktoberfest on Friday. Had a wonderful Mett, Sauerkraut balls, Potato Pancakes, and a phenomenal Bavarian Cream Puff. I know I know, seriously? Okay I shared.... 1 pancake and the Cream Puff, but the rest was mine. All mine. Saturday was K's bachelorette party and it ws madness. Great fun was had by all. And I must note that I may be bad luck when it comes to certain things... the last limo I was in happened to be on my wedding day and it spontaneously combusted and decided that we should carpool to the reception instead. Well, Alisha strikes again! We ended up with 2 limos on Saturday since the first one decided to poop out on us. But we can all laugh about it and rest assured that great memories were made and the bachelorette lived it up on her last night in style!

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