Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is my Papa's 86th birthday. We are going to celebrate by surprising him with cake and ice cream. He has alzheimers and tends to forget things sometimes but of course he remembers his birthday! He doesn't know we are all coming so I'm hoping it will be a pleasant surprise. Of course there will be cake. Chocolate cake. With Chocolate frosting. Yes, I made it last night and almost couldn't resist poking a finger or 2 in the top of it. But I resisted. I've also adorned it with 48 peppermint striped candles- Sorry there aren't 86 Papa but I'm sure the nurses will be much obliged to not have to pull out the fire extinguisher tonight!

Update: The surprise went well. He had no idea we were all coming to visit! The chocolate cake was a big hit. Luckily I didn't have to bring any home. My waistline can only take so much cake you know what I mean? No fire extinguishers were needed so that was a big relief.

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