Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Layout

Whatchu Think?

Methinks I like it!

While we are on the subject...

No, I'm not really a lush.

But... St. Patrick's Day was so much fun!

No, that's not Guiness... I'd rather drink motor oil. It's pretty much the same thing anyway!


So we had been on the lookout for a bakers rack since we moved into the house in 2006. We have this one wall in the kitchen area that would be perfect. But it was seriously like the story of Goldilocks... Everything we found was either too big or too small. It wasn't till the fabulous makers at Ikea shined the light on us in the as-is section and revealed to us the perfect object for our vacant wall! The wall space we were working with is approx. 36'' wide and 14.5'' deep. Well what do you know, the Markor cabinet is 35'' wide and 13 3/8'' deep. It is just right!



I finally got to pull out all the fabulous glassware from the wedding! Our gorgeous Waterford Bar for 2 set, the Mikasa Cheers collection Martini Glasses, and the handpainted martini glasses too!

I know it makes us look like alchohol indulgent lushes but it makes me happy and I think it looks classy. I'll probably be pulling out some of the lovely glass vases and bowls and display here as well instead of the longaberger baskets... either that or some cute boxes with lots of color! (speaking of color- that plate/placemat/cup etc. has also been adorned with another plate from ikea with pretty light blue, magenta, black, and white designs. I love it!)


A grouch and a fairy...

Nope I lied! Just the cutest set of twins this side of the Mississippi!

And a bonus shot of Luca because he just makes me smile with his little man face :)


So I have not posted over here in a looooong time.

But I have been keeping it hopping over at Crafty Buckeye.

Possibly I might post some adorable pictures of my 2 favorite little people from our trip up to Canton 2 weekends ago. Possibly.

They are too cute not to share so I suppose I should.

Be right back.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Time!

Woah, long time no post.

I donated blood today. Well, I tried anyway.

I'll be trying again in May hopefully. Only this time I'll have them cover my arm so I can't see and have a nervous breakdown.

Last time I donated blood was 3/1/2001.

Yikes. 8 years to work up the courage to donate blood again? Seriously. It won't be that long again. Try 56 days. CBC- Be looking for me soon!
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